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Child-Friendly, Active Phonics Lessons with decodable stories

These are child-friendly videos that enable active participation in classic Snappy Lessons® within the Sound Discovery® programme. They are useful for home schooling, to reinforce class teaching and for Catch-up. The lessons last about 20 minutes, with early lessons likely to be shorter.

Adult support is recommended initially until the child is accustomed to the format and able to pause the video if needed. Some children will work faster than others, but the pace is kept ‘snappy’ in the spirit of this method of teaching. Answers are modelled at every stage to enable success. The pupil should have ready a pencil and lined paper with a sun drawn at the top right hand corner. For extra practice with letter formation, use the tracker font letters available from www.syntheticphonics.net. The swap sounds game can be watched, or better still, the child can take part by pausing the video at the beginning to assemble the required letter-sounds.

Each lesson covers both reading and writing and ends with a short decodable story. The story is also available in .pdf form to download and print off (preferably in booklet format) for additional reading practice. To print a decodable story, open in Adobe Acrobat Reader and select ‘print’. If you have a suitable printer attached, select ‘Booklet’ in the Page Size & Handling section of the print dialog box. If your printer can do double sided printing then it will produce an A5 booklet; if only single sided then follow the on-screen instructions once the first side is printed.


There are three sample video lessons which include decodable stories. ​Each decodable story is also available as a .pdf document which can be printed off as an A5 booklet or as A4 sheets.

1. Lesson 20 sound v and .pdf decodable story

2. Lesson 33 sound ch and .pdf decodable story

3. Lesson 38 sound ai and .pdf decodable story

Further lessons and stories are being prepared and will be available in the near future:

Step 1 Package

Step 1.1 One lesson for each alphabet sound (including a lesson for ‘ck’)

Step 1.2 One lesson for 2 syllable words at alphabet cvccvc level

Step 1.3 One lesson at alphabet cvcc level

Step 1.4 One lesson at alphabet ccvc level

Step 1.5 One lesson at alphabet ccvcc+ level

Step 2 Package

Step 2.1 One lesson for each consonant digraph (sh, ch, th (2 lessons), ng) and one for each of the suffixes -ing and –ed

Step 2.2 One lesson for each vowel digraph (ai, ee, ie, oa, ue) and one for consonant doubling

Step 2.3 One lesson for each r-controlled vowel digraph (ar, er, or)

Step 2.4 One lesson for each of the ‘left over’ vowel digraphs (oi, ou, oo, oo, air, ear)


Have fun learning to read and write!

You will be able to purchase the lessons and stories by contacting training@syntheticphonics.net; Telephone: 0117 962 2270.