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Synthetic Phonics training

The government now requires all schools to use synthetic phonics to teach reading.  

Are you prepared for this?


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E-learning Training Programme

Sound Discovery® training can now be delivered as a modular e-learning training programme available in four different packages to suit a range of training needs.

e-learning training programme


English Hubs Initiative

There is a new initiative in England to get all children
reading called the English Hubs Initiative.

English Hubs Training


Synthetic Phonics Ltd offers INSET day training in schools on synthetic phonics. 

Our trainers are highly experienced practitioners. 

They really understand the key underlying principles of synthetic phonics and how to implement it in practice.

"After a day's training the staff found the synthetic phonics scheme easy to introduce. “

"They were highly motivated by Sound Discovery's simplicity and the enjoyment expressed by the children."

  Head teacher commenting on a whole-school training day:
“The training will impact hugely on how we approach the teaching of reading and writing.”
  Delegate to a training conference:
 “An excellent day. The best Study Day I have ever attended”
  Head Teacher's comments:
"It is the cycle of pleasure: success...self-esteem...motivation... which I find most encouraging.”
  Head Teacher's comments:
"When you read the children's own comments, hear their opinions around the lunch table, observe their enthusiasm and enhanced self-esteem, then you know Sound Discovery works, without even looking at statistical gains.”
  Pupil's comments:
"I like it because it makes me feel good.  When I go back to class I feel I can do it all."
  Parent's comments:
"Our daughter has read all the Ridgehill Publishing Phonics First Books and now at age of 6 has a reading age of 11.”

"We are convinced the Phonics First Books have made a huge contribution to her reading ability. She can now confidently read just about anything as she has learned how to break down new words into their phonic components.”

"Some of the stories in the Phonics First Books are a little strange, but this quirkiness seems to make them more appealing to children.”

"We are now encouraging our son to start reading the Phonics First Books and so far the results seem to be just as good as we achieved with our daughter."


Phone: 0117 962 2670 (+441179622670 from outside the U.K.)

E-mail: training@syntheticphonics.net