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King Wizzit Comprehension.

Activity book to accompany King Wizzit Storybooks.
King Wizzit Comprehension.   Overview:
This book is full of activities for talking, comprehension and modelled writing for lively and stimulating lessons based on the King Wizzit Storybooks series.

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The King Wizzit Comprehension book contains activities for talking, comprehension and modelled writing at Steps 2.1 and 2.2 of the Sound Discovery programme and for reinforcement at later Steps including polysyllabic words.

The activities in the book help children to apply the phonic skills learnt in the Snappy Lesson to reading and writing.

Opportunities for talking are also highlighted.

The key features are:-

• Guided reading sheets to enable children to practise polysyllabic words before tackling the books. Words with tricky meanings are also highlighted for discussion.

• Picture ‘Cut and Stick’ activity sheets to allow even the weakest readers to complete a comprehension activity independently.

• Comprehension sheets which progress in difficulty, with easily accessed answer sheets.

• A range of modelled writing activities in a variety of genres, including suggested phonically regular text for guidance.

• Teaching notes with additional tips and ideas for using the materials.

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Price £25.00 Product Code SD17