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Precision Monitoring Book 1, Steps 1 and 2.

Alphabet Phonemes and Digraphs.
Precision Monitoring Book 1, Steps 1 and 2.   Overview:
A book of exercises to provide both children and adults who are slow at decoding plenty of practice in reading and blending alphabet and digraph sounds.

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The purpose of the Precision Monitoring books is to improve fluency and accuracy in reading. Short but regular practice with blending is necessary to see an improvement.

The exercise sheets in these books take just 5 minutes a day (or less) to complete.

They consist of blocks of 25 sounds or words for speed reading, and are designed to give students who are slow at decoding plenty of practice in reading and blending sounds.

With instant recall a student should be able to read 50 sounds and words a minute. The sounds and words on the exercise sheets are blocked in groups of 25, so a student achieving all 25 in 30 seconds has reached fluency.

This book, Precision Monitoring Book 1, supports Steps 1 and 2 in Sound Discovery.

The first part of the book supports Step 1 of the Sound Discovery programme, and the second part supports Step 2.

All you need is the appropriate sheet (to match the sounds the student is learning in their Snappy Lesson), a stopwatch and a notebook to record the time taken.

Children love to beat their own record, and it really works!

This book is suitable to meet the needs of a wide age range including older students and adults, especially where plenty of practice is required.

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Price £15.00 Product Code PMB1