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Phoneme Spotter Stories, Book 3

Phoneme Spotter Stories, Book 3   Overview:
Each of the decodable stories in this book features the alternative spellings for a single consonant or vowel sound. Related comprehension and writing activities are included for a complete lesson.

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The Phoneme Spotter Stories books contain a range of reading, comprehension and writing activities which support the teaching of alternative spellings.

They also provide plenty of reinforcement for Step 2 diagraphs and Step 1 alphabet phonemes.

The Phoneme Spotter Stories, Book 3 provides stories and activities for Steps 3B.1 to 3B.7 of the Sound Discovery programme and for some additional Letters and Sounds vowels.

The consonants covered in this book are:
c j ch ng+k s w f

The additional Letters and Sounds vowels in this book are:
ear ure ur

The Step 3B regular words, the Letters and Sounds regular words and the tricky words in the stories are listed separately for pre-tutoring which is so helpful for some students.

A precision teaching sheet for practising the sounds and their alternative spellings is provided at the beginning of the book.

Suggested answers to the activities are provided at the end of the book.

The activities include:

Reading the stories

Spotting the phonemes

Comprehension questions
Who What Where When Why

Filling in missing words in sentences

Completing a column sort

Tricky Word practice

Precision Teaching Sheet

This book is suitable to meet the needs of a wide age range including older students and adults, especially where highly structured teaching is required.

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Price £20.00 Product Code PSS3